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FACC Patient Stories

Happy Labrador finds new best friend during treatment for canine cancer

Sig O’Rourke, a spunky black Labrador retriever, also known as Mr. Personality, joined Kathy and Pat O’Rourkes’ home when he was five months old. The couple has had many dogs over the years, but never a male, and they weren’t quite sure what to expect. “He’s the sweetest, best dog we’ve ever had,” said Kathy. […]

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Latest News

Radiation Oncology Team Exploring New Option to Treat Superficial Tumors in Pets

With technology borrowed from human medicine, the radiation oncology team at the Flint Animal Cancer Center recently treated its first pet patient using superficial radiation therapy. The new radiation machine, originally acquired through a collaboration with the James L. Voss Teaching Hospital’s ophthalmology service to treat squamous cell carcinomas on the eyelids of horses, is […]

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Pet Cancer Treatment

3-D Printed Bolus: Setting A New Standard In Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Oncology service at the Flint Animal Cancer Center is known for breaking new ground. They were the first veterinary oncology service in the U.S. to employ a linear accelerator to treat companion animals and the first in the world to offer stereotactic radiation therapy for pets. Under the direction of Dr. Del Leary, […]