FACC Friends

Generous giving from private individuals, foundations, and corporations has become increasingly important over the years and accounts for approximately 95% of our annual funding. The following friends (in alphabetical order) are especially noteworthy in that they have given once, or in a sustained way, more than $25,000 to support our work. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to them.

Herbert A. Allen
Dawn and Brett Anderson
Barbara Anthony*
Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research Inc.
The Bow Wow Buddies Foundation
Bruce Weber Nan Bush Foundation
Don* and Katy Callender
CanineKids Outfitters
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Foundation
The Charles Engelhard Foundation
Charles Shipley, Jr. Foundation Inc.
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Steve and Kitty Cooper
Sophie and Derek Craighead
David Cummings and Shelley Kerr
David Merin Foundation
William and Sara DeHoff
Elbridge and Debra Stuart Family Foundation
Walter* and Jaynn* Emery
Estate of Barbara Cox Anthony
Estate of Maria Bristol
Estate of Alanson Brown
Estate of Lionel Edmunds
Estate of Jaynn Emery
Estate of Patricia Hall
Estate of Fern A. Howard
Estate of Elisabeth Kellie
Estate of Laura Katherine Krebill
Estate of Carolyn Larson
Estate of William Lukes
Estate of Lois Maurer
Estate of Carol E. McCandless
Estate of Julia Holt Merkle
Estate of Nancy A. Oyster
Estate of Constance C. Ricci
Estate of Patricia Shay
Gene* and Marylynn* Fischer
Robert H.* and Mary G. Flint*
Matthew Frank
Golden Retriever Endowment Fund
Graham and Courtney Rahal Foundation
Richard and Linda Habitzreiter
Hadley and Marion Stuart Foundation
Ed and Marilyn Hansen
Jeffery Harbers*
Renee Harbers-Liddell
June Harper*
Kathleen Henry
Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc.
Alan* and Berte Hirschfield
Jewish Communal Fund
John H. Bell Charitable Remainder Trust
Lawrence Jones III*
Norman and Ann Jorgensen
Kate Koogler Canine Cancer Fund Inc.
Elizabeth Keen
Sam* and Margaret* Kelly
Kenneth and Myra Monfort Charitable Foundation
Kneller Family Foundation
Robert* and Eva Knight
Kathy Kregel and James Smith
Susan LeFebvre
Limb Preservation Foundation
William Lukes, AIA*
Maddie’s Fund
ZaZa and Donald Manocherian
Mark and Bette Morris Family Foundation
Mary Fendrich Hulman Charitable Trust II
Steven J. McCarthy
Jay and Sandra Mesinger
Milheim Foundation Cancer Research
Thelma C. Morici*
National Institutes of Health
Jeffrey Neu
Robert Neu
Gary and Alice* Nordloh
Norman Hirschfield Foundation
Meg and Andy O’Neil
Ann E. Osborn
Terry and Linda Owen
Rodney L. Page
Petco Foundation
Landon Phillips and Susan Maltby
David and Maxine Pierce
Maj. Glen and Rose Porter
Joe and Kay Pyland
Reiman Charitable Foundation
Roy and Roberta Reiman
Scott and Virginia Reiman
Erik and Terrin Riemer
Ronald and Sara Ringen
River Terminal Development Company
Robert and Evelyn McKee Foundation
Robert and Susan Wilson Foundation
Robert E. Knight Trust
Richard and Nancy Rogers
Harold and Cathy Roozen
Donita Rotherham
James Rotherham
William Rush III
Albert and Nancy Sarnoff
Kraig and Suzanna Smiegowski
Iris and Michael Smith
Ralph and Peggy Starkey
Frederick W. Stelle
Jennie and Bob Strayer
Brett Stuart
E. Hadley Stuart Jr.* and Family
Nan Stuart
Stuart Foundation
William V. Taylor*
Allison Topham
Trailsend Foundation
Cleve Trimble
Deborah Van Dyke
Lori Venners
Theodore Venners
Bruce Weber and Nan Bush
Melissa Westerman
Richard and Nancy White
Willard L. and Ruth P. Eccles Foundation
William Wrigley Jr. Trust
Stephen and Susan Withrow
Rosamond R. Zetterholm


We are grateful to the following individuals for honoring the Flint Animal Cancer Center in their estate planning.

Vikki and Arthur Anderson
Lauren Becker and Timothy Foley
Allen  and Kathy Brandon
Susan Butler
Susan Coit
Steve and Kitty Cooper
Peg Derry and Jerry Lammer
Edward and Karen Franceschina
Virginia Garland
Angelica Harcharik
Elizabeth Keen
Teresa and Robin Koogler
Adrian and Karen Lakin
Michele Lier
Gigi Meinhardt
Robert and Elizabeth Merrill
Connie Miller
Jerry and Karen Moore
Deanna and Daniel Mueller
Alan and Robyn Pauley
Landon Phillips and Susan Maltby
David and Maxine Pierce
Sharon Powers
B. Gregory Russell
Nancy and Carl Schramm
Joe and Nancy Sisinyak
Kraig and Suzanna Smiegowski
Dawn Sudmeier and James Moorhead
Robyne Taylor
Clint Teegardin and Martha Baxter
Patrick and Kim Thomsen
Allison Topham
Julie Tyger
Jacqui and Russell Widener

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