One Cure

The answer to cancer may be walking right beside us.

This year, millions of our pets will get cancer. And just like us, they often fight it and beat it.  At the Flint Animal Cancer Center, we’ve learned something important: cancer is cancer.  Our cancers are the same, down to the cellular level. This means what works for our pets could work for us. One Cancer. One Cure.

Our Mission

One Cure’s founding principle is that cancer affects all creatures and that treatment breakthroughs come through collaborations between scientists and doctors who are working with pets and people. One Cure’s goal is to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pets. And then use our research and knowledge also to benefit people with cancer.

In Search of a Cure for Pets and People

Comparative oncology is the study of naturally occurring cancers in more than one species. For nearly forty years, the Flint Animal Cancer Center has been the world’s leader in comparative oncology research. Through partnerships with the National Cancer Institute, the University of Colorado Cancer Center, industry, and foundations, we are committed to growing the field to conquer cancer in all species.

You can help pets and people with cancer.

Your gift to One Cure supports our clinical trials and comparative oncology research. Through One Cure, we’re finding better and less costly treatments, improved diagnostic tools, and even preventative interventions for the benefit of pets and people with cancer.


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