One Cure

One Cancer. One Cure.

At the Flint Animal Cancer Center, we’ve learned something important: 
cancer is cancer.
This year, millions of pets and people will get cancer. 
Our cancers are the same, down to the cellular level.

This means what works for our pets could work for us.
We're on a mission to conquer cancer in all species.
One Cancer. One Cure.

Our Vision

One Cure’s founding principle is that cancer affects all creatures and that treatment breakthroughs come through collaborations between scientists and doctors who are working with pets and people. One Cure’s goal is to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pets. And then use our research and knowledge also to benefit people with cancer.

We do this by funding innovative clinical trials for dogs and cats diagnosed with cancer. The lessons we learn are used to better diagnose, treat, and cure cancer for all species.

28 Clinical Trials in 2022
111 Patients in 2022
741 Patient Visits in 2022

“ The answer to cancer may be walking right beside us. ”

- Dr. Rodney Page

Emeritus Professor

Why Dogs?

Veterinarian examining dog


  • Cancers in dogs develop naturally, just like in people
  • Dogs are diagnosed with the same types of cancer as humans
  • Cancer in dogs has the same response to conventional treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation) and novel therapies as we see in humans
  • Clinical trials in dogs can accelerate the timeline to find new, promising treatments for both pets and people
  • Canine clinical trials cost considerably less than those do in humans

Dogs are teaching us so much about cancer!

Moving the Needle


We’re incredibly proud to say that One Cure was behind the first-ever veterinary medicine funded clinical trial in humans. We’re moving the needle on cancer research, not only for pets but for people too. Especially the tiniest of humans.

For the past several years, our research team has worked to develop a potential new treatment for a deadly pediatric cancer – osteosarcoma. With the successes we found first in the lab and then in canine clinical trials, we’ve been able to move on to human studies. This made us the first veterinary medicine group to progress and fund a human clinical trial.

We are in the process of enrolling patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We’re testing the safety and efficacy of a two-drug immunotherapy combination that has shown promise for shrinking tumors and blocking metastasis.

Your support of One Cure has made this possible.


Comparative oncology is the study of naturally occurring cancers in more than one species. For nearly forty years, the Flint Animal Cancer Center has been the world’s leader in comparative oncology research. Through partnerships with the National Cancer Institute, the University of Colorado Cancer Center, industry, and foundations, we are committed to growing the field to conquer cancer in all species.

The Answer to Cancer

One Cure Patient Stories

Racing for a Cure

You can help pets and people with cancer.

Your gift to One Cure supports our clinical trials and comparative oncology research. With your donations, we're able to fund one of the most robust veterinary medicine clinical trials programs in the country. Your donations ensure that we have the staff, supplies, and tools to be on the cutting edge of cancer research. Your gifts also fund internal grants for research that moves our mission forward. You can make a difference in the fight against cancer. Donate today!

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