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Colorado State University Presents

The Flint Animal Cancer Center

One in four dogs and one in five cats will develop cancer in their lifetimes. Forty years ago, cancer was often a terminal diagnosis with few options, especially for pets. Today, there is hope.

The Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center (FACC) offers a unique combination of cancer diagnostic services, innovative treatment options, and extraordinary care for dogs, cats, and other pets with cancer. As a FACC patient, your pet will benefit from a comprehensive assessment provided by an expert, multidisciplinary team, including medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists. Each treatment plan is customized, and we work with you to determine the right course of action for your pet’s care.

We are a world leader in the treatment of dogs, cats, and pets with cancer, with nearly four decades of experience in providing leading-edge, comprehensive, and compassionate care.

Our mission is to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pet animals, translating our research and knowledge also to benefit people with cancer. We do this by offering the latest and most advanced diagnostics and treatments in surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. We attain our mission through an innovative study of cancer, thoughtful and compassionate care, specialized treatment options, and clinical trials.

Our goal is to make sure that you are fully informed about your pet's diagnosis and treatment options, so you are comfortable asking questions and making decisions. You are a key member of your pet's cancer caregiving team. Our oncology team members are committed to helping you understand your pet’s cancer care treatment and will offer support every step of the way.