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As members of a land grant institution, the Flint Animal Cancer Center is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise. Through our donation supported Consult Service, our oncology specialists help referring veterinarians and concerned pet owners. Our clinicians are available to answer  general questions about cancer in pets and the oncology care offered at our clinic.*

After completing the online consultation form, your question(s) will be directed to a Lucy Oncology Clinic team member for review and response within 5 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like an individualized recommendation, we suggest you schedule an on-site appointment. We do not require referrals. The professional fee for a new patient appointment is $270.00 (not including costs for any recommendations discussed in the appointment, including tests, treatments or medications). To schedule, please call the CSU Veterinary Hospital Appointment Line: 970-297-5000.

If your patient or pet has symptoms of acute concern, please seek local emergency or urgent care for immediate assistance. CSU also offers urgent and emergency care services.

*Consult calls with pet owners are restricted by law to solely address general questions such as typical treatments and outcomes for different cancer types. Because we don’t have an active veterinarian-client-patient relationship with you (we have not examined your pet) we cannot provide comprehensive record reviews or second opinions specific to your pet. If you would like an individualized care plan for your pet, please schedule an appointment to see us or contact another veterinary oncology provider near you.

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Our Consult Service is supported by generous donations. With your gift, we can extend our reach beyond our clinic walls and help thousands of more pets with cancer each year. Please donate today.

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