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The Flint Animal Cancer Center’s Lucy Oncology Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to unparalleled veterinary cancer care. In addition to the well-equipped main clinic, we also house a modern and spacious radiation oncology suite. We offer veterinary medicine’s most advanced diagnostic tools and treatment options. Each year, we see more than 1,600 new patients and over 6,000 appointments. Every patient receives an extensive evaluation by our expert team. Using the results from advanced diagnostic tools, the team designs customized treatment options and works with families to determine the best course of care.

Compassionate Care

  • Attentive staff partner with families every step of the way
  • Emotional support provided by Argus Institute counselors
  • Personal follow-up during and after treatment
  • Financial assistance for qualifying cases

Comprehensive Diagnostics

  • Team review of every patient’s history and prior diagnostic data during twice-daily rounds
  • Thorough physical examination and blood work
  • Access to advanced diagnostic equipment, including a new, first of its kind dual-energy source CT scanner, PET/CT, MRI, ultrasonography, radiography, specialized pathology, and more

Collaborative Planning

Advanced Treatment Options


Flint Animal Cancer Center Clinic Team

Our clinical team includes medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, veterinary technicians, fellows, residents, and students. Under the supervision of faculty, students are integral to our work and serve as patient advocates and case coordinators. Over the course of treatment and follow-up, which can last weeks or months, patients may see a variety of clinicians and team members. Our team approach and daily patient review ensures every staff member is informed and can deliver unparalleled care.

Lucy Oncology Clinic Features

Lucy Oncology Clinic

Main Clinic

    • Open floor plan with windowed walls to allow better patient monitoring, improved communication among team members,
    • Private exam rooms for oncology patients
    • Chemotherapy infusion room that provides chemo suites for patients requiring longer infusion times
    • Dedicated clinical trials treatment space
    • Comfortable day-patient areas, one room for cats and another for dogs
    • Modern operating and procedures rooms
Radiation Oncology Technician

Radiation Oncology Suite

We believe the best veterinary cancer care is about more than delivering the most current treatment available, more than just providing a continuity of patient care and good client communication. It’s about teamwork, and providing compassion and support to both patient and client during one of the most difficult times a family can experience.

Dr. Rod Page, Director, Flint Animal Cancer Center

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