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Your gift is an investment in the future of veterinary oncology.

Your scholarship gift is an investment in the next generation of veterinary oncologists. With your help, we can attract the most promising candidates who may one day find the key to preventing or curing cancer. Educating future cancer specialists is central to our mission. In fact, we have trained more surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists than any other veterinary institution in the world. Until the day we conquer cancer, the need for additional veterinary oncologists continues to grow as millions of pets are diagnosed with cancer each year. To assure every pet has access to expert oncology care, we need to train more specialists. To do that, we need your partnership.

Elliott and Louie's Long Paw Scholars

Your gift to the Elliott and Louie’s Long Paw Scholars fund supports the training of a medical oncology resident at the Flint Animal Cancer Center.

The fund honors Elliott, a two-time FACC patient and a beautiful golden retriever who was the beloved companion of the Mesinger Family for 14 years. It also honors the Mesinger’s golden Louie, who they lost after a courageous battle with Hemangiosarcoma. Of course, it is in place to thank the oncologists who provide compassionate care to cancer fighters and their families. Your generous support is an investment in the future of veterinary oncology.



Elliott and Louie’s Long Paw Scholars

Dr. Travis Laver, Medical Oncology, 2016

Dr. Annie Galloway, Medical Oncology, 2019

Dr. Beck Ringdahl-Mayland, Medical Oncology, 2022

Dr. Francesca Lerner, Medical Oncology, 2025

Oncology Award in Memory of Lois Marie Adlfinger

Lois Adlfinger

Your gift to the Oncology Award in Memory of Lois Marie Adlfinger supports an annual award for an oncology specialty trainee at the Flint Animal Cancer Center.

Oncology residents and fellows provide skilled and compassionate care to animals and their humans as they battle cancer. Named for Lois Adlfinger, this fund honors those future cancer specialists as well as Lois and her generous heart, passion for learning, and love of animals. It is the sincere hope of Lois’s family and friends that through this fund, her beliefs and principles will live on: Never give up, never stop learning, and devote your lives to improving the quality of life for all our fellow creatures.



Oncology Award in Memory of Lois Marie Adlfinger – Recipients

Dr. Alex Pyuen, Medical Oncologist, 2020

Dr. Thomas Lee, Radiation Oncologist, 2021

Dr. Jo Anne Au Yong, 2022

Lucy's Scholars

Lucy’s Scholars supports specialty training for a surgical oncology fellow and medical oncology resident at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. Your gift is an investment in the specialists who are working to improve the lives of companion animals battling cancer and to advance human and veterinary cancer treatment.

Lucy’s Scholars honors the memory of Lucy, a beloved pet that helped pioneer a new protocol in the early detection of cancer metastasis. Lucy’s owner established this fund to train future pioneers in veterinary oncology.



Lucy’s Scholars

Dr. Laura Selmic, Surgical Oncology Fellow & Post Doc, 2011-2014

Dr. Mairin Miller, Medical Oncology Intern, 2014

Dr. Katie Curran, Medical Oncology Resident, 2015

Dr. Cassie Pripch, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2015

Dr. Arathi Vinayak, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2016

Dr. Brandan Wustefeld-Janssens, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2017

Dr. Amber Wolf-Ringwall, Medical Oncology Resident, 2018

Dr. Joanne Tuohy, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2018

Dr. Brittany Ciepluch, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2019

Dr. Tristram Bennett, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2020

Dr. Alex Pyuen, Medical Oncology Resident, 2021

Dr. Maureen Griffin, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Ferrari, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2022

Dr. Molly Gasparini, Medical Oncology Resident, 2024

Dr. Josep Aisa, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2024


Make checks payable to Colorado State University Foundation. Please note the specific fund name (i.e., Elliott’s Long Paw Scholars) in the memo.

Mail to:

Colorado State University Foundation
P. O. Box 1870
Fort Collins, CO 80522

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