Flint Animal Cancer Center Team

The Flint Animal Cancer Center is made up of leaders, researchers, and clinicians. For more than 40 years, we’ve worked side-by-side to learn about cancer, treat it, and improve outcomes.

Our research team is made up of 13 labs, each working to better understand all aspects of cancer. The clinical team diagnoses and treats pets with cancer from all over the world. And together, we’re conquering cancer.

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Clinical Team

The Flint Animal Cancer Center’s Lucy Oncology Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to unparalleled veterinary cancer care. In addition to the well-equipped main clinic, we also house a modern and spacious radiation oncology suite. We offer veterinary medicine’s most advanced diagnostic tools and treatment options. Each year, we see more than 1,600 new patients and over 6,000 appointments. Every patient receives an extensive evaluation by our expert team. Using the results from advanced diagnostic tools, the team designs customized treatment options and works with families to determine the best course of care.

Research Team

For 40 years, the Flint Animal Cancer Center has been at the forefront of understanding the fundamental mechanisms of cancer biology, disease diagnosis, and the development of effective therapies. Our focus is on comparative oncology to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pet animals, and translate our research and knowledge also to benefit people with cancer. To support that work, the Flint Animal Cancer Center has 13 established research programs that study many aspects of cancer, including cancer biology, clinical pathology, clinical immunology, and experimental therapeutics.

Leadership Team

The leadership team at the Flint Animal Cancer Center works behind the scenes to support every aspect of the organization from fundraising to organizational support. This group of people is responsible for realizing the vision of the FACC and building the future of cancer research and treatment. With more than 100 staff and students at the FACC on both the clinical and research side, the administrative team is busy supporting all members. With years of experience, this team brings vision, leadership, and a true dedication to cancer care and treatment to the organization. They are leading the way in comparative oncology to find novel treatments for people and pets.

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