The Future of Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Expansion

Our Radiation Oncology program has always been a leader in patient care, training, and research. New technology is the next step allowing us to continue doing what we’ve always done AND continue the fight against cancer for pets and people. However, we can’t do it alone. We need your support to help fund this project.

For more than 40 years, the Radiation Oncology program at the Flint Animal Cancer Center has been at the forefront of radiation treatment and research.

In that time, we’ve made huge strides in treating deadly cancers with targeted radiation therapy. We’ve treated thousands of patients and made a huge difference in their quality of life. We’ve also trained dozens of radiation oncologists who have gone on to provide this specialized treatment modality across the world.

After nearly 20 years with our existing machine, it’s time for the next phase in radiation therapy.

We’re expanding the clinic to add an additional radiation-secure vault and a second machine – a Halcyon. Once complete, we will decommission our existing machine and replace it with an Edge machine.

This project is a major undertaking but necessary to provide the high-quality care we’re known for. The expansion of radiation oncology is expected to be complete by Fall 2024

Two Machines, Double the Care

Radiation Oncology Expansion

At the conclusion of this expansion project, we will go from one radiation machine to two. This effectively doubles our bandwidth for patient care, teaching opportunities, and research. With two machines, we can double the fight against cancer.

The two machines we will install include:

The Halcyon machine is the future of radiation for many providers around the world. This machine is easier to operate and more similar to what our trainees will likely use in private practice following their program. By adding this machine to our service,  future radiation oncologists will graduate with more applicable and diverse experience. It also allows for expanded care for patients and unique research opportunities. The Halycon will be placed in a newly constructed vault that will be built adjacent to the existing suite.

This machine will be a modern upgrade of the machine we currently operate. It allows for greater control in patient positioning, quicker radiation delivery rates, and better imagining. All told, this machine allows for greater precision of radiation therapy.

As soon as the Halycon is up and running, we will decommission our existing machine and replace it with the Edge.  By adding a second machine, we can avoid disruptions in patient care and student learning.

Support Radiation Oncology Expansion

Radiation oncology is an important pillar of patient care and student teaching here at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. We need your help to realize the future of RadOnc.

Give to Patient Assistance Funds

Now more than ever, pets with cancer need your help. Please consider a gift to one of our patient assistance funds so that we can continue to provide pets with radiation treatment they need.

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