FACC Research Team

Biorepository Lab - Dr. Susan Lana

Dr. Susan Lana

Dr. Susan Lana, D.V.M., M.S. Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)
Interim Director of the FACC
Stuart Chair in Oncology
Professor and Associate Director, Flint Animal Cancer Center
Biorepository Director

Irene Mok

Lab Manager

Anya Pamplona

Research Associate

Li Li

PhD., MD., MSc.
Research Associate II

Cancer Biology and Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory - Dr. Doug Thamm

Dr. Doug Thamm

Cancer Biology and Experimental Therapeutics Laboratory Director
Director of Clinical Research
Barbara Cox Anthony Professor of Oncology

Kristen Farrell

Research Associate, Lab Manager

Danielle Briggs

Research Associate

Irene Mok

Database Manager

Travis Meuten
Travis Meuten

PhD Student

Rachel Brady

PhD Student

Sam Brill

DVM/PhD Student

Clinical Hematopathology Laboratory - Dr. Anne Avery

Dr. Anne Avery

Director, Clinical Hematopathology Laboratory
Professor, Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

Dr. Emily Rout

Research Scientist
Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

Dr. Adam Harris

Research Scientist
Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

Kari Frankhouse
Kari Frankhouse

Research Scientist

Sydney Bork

Graduate Student

Evan Conaway
Evan Conaway

Graduate Student

Eileen Owens

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Clinical Trials - Dr. Kristen Weishaar

Dr. Kristen Weishaar

Medical Oncologist
Clinical Trials Director

Kristine Ibis

Clinical Trials Technician

Becca Hill, Clinical Trials Coordinator
Becca Hill

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Experimental Immunotherapy - Dr. Steve Dow

Dr. Steve Dow

Director, Center for Immune and Regenerative Medicine
Professor, Clinical Sciences

Comparative Musculoskeletal Oncology and Traumatology - Dr. Nicole Ehrhart

Dr. Nicole Ehrhart
Dr. Ehrhart

Director, Laboratory of Comparative Musculoskeletal Oncology and Traumatology
Ross M Wilkins MD Limb Preservation Foundation University Chair in Musculoskeletal Oncology and Biology

Kate Williams
Kate Williams

DVM/PhD Student

Comparative Radiation Oncology Laboratory - Dr. Keara Boss

Dr. Keara Boss

PI of the Comparative Radiation Oncology Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology

Dr. Thomas Lee

DVM, PhD Student

Madison Rivera
Madison Rivera

Research Associate I

Timo ten Hagen, PhD

Visiting Professor

Investigational Pathology - Dr. Dan Regan

Dr. Dan Regan

Investigational Pathology Lab
Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

Katie Cronise
Katie Cronise

Post-Doc Research Scientist

Eric Palmer

MIP PhD Student

Laurel Haines

MIP DVM, PhD Student

Becca Makii
Becca Makii

MIP Anatomic Pathology Resident/PhD Post-Doc

Marika Klosowski

MIP Clinical Pathology Resident/PhD Student

Molecular Oncology and Functional Genomics - Dr. Dawn Duval

Dr. Dawn Duval

Molecular Oncology and Functional Genomics
Professor, Clinical Sciences

Sunetra Das

Research Scientist/Scholar III

Pathology/Immuno-Pathology - Dr. Amy MacNeill

Dr. Amy MacNeill

Pathology/Immuno Pathology Lab
Faculty, Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology

Pharmacology - Daniel Gustafson, PhD

Dr. Dan Gustafson

Professor, Pharmacology & Biomedical Engineering
Shipley University Chair in Comparative Oncology

Krista Banks

Lab Manager
Research Associate

Courtney Walker

Research Associate

Radiation Biology and Therapy

Dr. Susan LaRue
Dr. Susan LaRue

Professor, Radiation Oncology
Section Head, Radiation Cancer Biology & Oncology

Dr. Del Leary
Dr. Del Leary

Assistant Professor, Medical Physics/Health Physics

Dr. Tiffany Martin

Assistant Professor

Amber Prebble

Lab Coordinator
Veterinary Oncology Physics Coordinator
Veterinary Radiation Oncology Technician II

Evan DeVincenzo

Graduate Student, Radiological Health Physics

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