Dr. Patricia Gualtieri

Dr. Patricia Gualtieri

Dr. Patricia Gualtieri, D.V.M.
Radiation Oncology Resident

Becoming a veterinarian has been my dream for as long as I remember. I was born in Rome, Italy, with both of my parents being veterinarians. The days when my mother and father would take me in their practices as a little girl represent some of my first clear memories. At that time, I yearned to understand the magic hidden at the end of a stethoscope, under the lens of a microscope, in the hands of a surgeon, and in the molecules of a drug.

I went to veterinary school in Perugia, an old petite college town in central Italy, where my dad also obtained his education. While the fulfillment of my youth goals got closer, I realized the full spectrum of professional opportunities beyond the general practice pursued by my parents. The opportunity to visit Tufts University, where my mother graduated from, and the experiences as a trainee in private specialty practices and well-known European universities, such as Cambridge (UK) and Vienna (Austria), sparked my interest in medical and radiation oncology. This prompted me to continue my specialty training, which embraces all of what I consider the most rewarding aspects of the veterinary profession: animals, medicine, research, technology, and humanity. After my training in vet school, I completed a small animal rotating internship at the University of Georgia, and I moved on to an oncology specialty internship at Michigan State University.

Now, I am delighted to join the multi-disciplinary team here at the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center as a radiation oncology resident. I am grateful to be able to learn from some of the best professionals in the world and provide the best comprehensive care for our patients. I feel like the relationship between cancer patient, owner, and doctor represents a true challenge and a profound expression of feelings, sympathy, and compassion. I believe this to be an amazing essential part of this career. There is still so much to be investigated in both human and animal oncology medicine. This makes the field even more challenging and exciting!

In my free time, I like traveling and photography. I love to discover new places and enjoy as many unique experiences as the USA can offer. I love to cook Italian food for friends and like to try different types of cuisine as well. Although my heart is for the Mediterranean beaches, I’ve discovered how beautiful the Colorado mountains are and try to spend as much free time as possible enjoying their view outdoors.

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