Dr. Thamm is integral to the operations and success of the Flint Animal Cancer Center both on the clinical and research side of our organization. His diligence and dedication earned him the 2023 Alan Kelly International Award for The Kennel Club’s International Canine Health Awards. This award is given in recognition of his work improving the standard of care for canine patients suffering from cancer and applying many of his findings to benefit human patients.

“As one of the world’s leading clinical oncologists, Dr. Thamm is Director of Clinical Research for the Flint Animal Cancer Center and works on numerous clinical trials to further advance life-changing therapies for dogs with cancer. As principal investigator, Dr. Thamm recently led a pivotal trial investigating the effect of a Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor in dogs with spontaneously occurring B-cell lymphoma, which occurred prior to the first-in-human clinical trial and the results of which provided critical proof of the concept that inhibition of BTK would have meaningful anti-tumor effects in human patients also with B-cell cancer. The drug is now approved for the treatment of human B-cell lymphoma and leukemia.”

This award is presented with $100,000 to further his research.

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