Millions of pets are diagnosed with cancer each year and thanks to Petco Love and Blue Buffalo companion animals across the country have access to lifesaving care through grants to partner veterinary institutions.

Over the last six years, the Flint Animal Cancer Center has been the grateful recipient of $575,000 in support. These dollars are paid forward to help families seeking cancer treatment for their pets at the FACC in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“We are grateful to Petco Love and Blue Buffalo for their ongoing commitment to providing financial assistance to our qualified clients so that they can pursue treatment for their pets,” said Dr. Rod Page, director, Flint Animal Cancer Center.

Since the partnership began, the fund has assisted more than 125 patients and offered families the opportunity to pursue advanced cancer care without worrying about the cost. PeeWee, Pinto, and Tytan are just a few of the patients receiving treatment this year, thanks to the generosity of Petco Love and Blue Buffalo. Through this grant program, PeeWee, Pinto, and Tytan all enrolled in a clinical trial and received advanced radiation therapy to treat their cancers.

“Through the Petco Love and Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Support fund, patients can enroll in clinical trials, which provides both a learning experience for our clinical team and ensures money isn’t a barrier to getting the best cancer treatment available for a family’s pet,” said Dr. Jenna Burton, FACC medical oncologist.

“Our clients are always so grateful, and as the veterinarians caring for these patients, we’re so grateful too,” said Burton.


Thank you so much for all of your help and service to get her healthy again.

Saint Bernard Dog


My husband and I would like to thank the generous donors who made it possible for my family to have more time with our sweet boy.

Black and white dog sitting


I would not have been able to do this if it weren’t for the grant I received towards her care. Thank you for the chance to give her a longer life.

Brown and white dog sitting

When a pet is diagnosed with cancer, it’s tough for every family, and it’s even more challenging when the family wants to help their pet, but it’s too much of a stretch for them financially.

“We’re fortunate that the Flint Animal Cancer Center has the Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Cancer Treatment Support fund, which allows us to help client families,” said Burton. “It’s such an amazing relief for us all: for the families receiving the funds and for the clinical team to be able to provide these resources to help those families take care of their beloved pets.”

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For more than ten years, Petco Love and Blue Buffalo have teamed up to raise more than $16 million to help families with the costs of pet cancer treatment. For more information, visit