Cancer research to benefit pets and people

For nearly four decades, the Flint Animal Cancer Center has been at the forefront of understanding the fundamental mechanisms of cancer biology, disease diagnosis, and the development of effective therapies. Our focus is on comparative oncology to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pet animals, and translate our research and knowledge also to benefit people with cancer. To support that work, the Flint Animal Cancer Center has 14 established research programs that study many aspects of cancer, including cancer biology, molecular oncology, clinical pathology, clinical immunology, and experimental therapeutics.

Learn more about our research programs to benefit both pets and people with cancer.


Cancer Biology and Experimental Therapeutics

Clinical Hematopathology

Experimental Immunotherapy

Molecular Oncology and Functional Genomics

Musculoskeletal Oncology and Trauma



Radiation Biology

Radiation Physics

We invite you to partner with us in our journey to answer the fundamental questions that will lead to cancer breakthroughs for pets and people. Please consider a gift to our basic science research program today. Your support provides the funding we need to continue to ask critical questions and chase down the answers.  To learn more about this opportunity, please email Torii Kapavik, development director.