The Evaluation of Adaptation Time in Dogs Undergoing Limb Amputation for Osteosarcoma

Patient Disease:

Any requiring limb amputation

Study Name:

The Evaluation of Adaptation Time in Dogs Undergoing Limb Amputation for Osteosarcoma

Purpose of the study:

  • To determine the course of adaptation following limb amputation in dogs using an activity monitor

Primary Eligibility Criteria:

  • Dogs with any disease of the leg for which owners plan to pursue amputation
  • Dogs must be able to wear the activity monitor around their neck
  • No uncontrolled skin disease
  • Pets must come to CSU for all visits related to the clinical trial

Study Protocol:

  • Activity monitor placement placed at least 3 days prior to amputation surgery and worn until 11 weeks post-amputation
  • Study visits required 2, 5, 8, & 11 weeks post-amputation
  • Owner fills out questionnaire at each visit to evaluate for signs of post-amputation pain

Owner Responsibilities:

  • Owners are responsible for the activity monitor while around your dog’s neck and for keeping a record of any activities that you do with your dog (i.e. if you go to the dog park you will need to keep a note of the date and time)
  • To make and keep all appointments associated with the study
  • Owners are responsible for all costs related to treatment of the pet’s disease including amputation surgery

Financial Incentives:

  • The study will cover the costs of the exam fees for study visits and two physical therapy sessions

If you have further questions about any of our clinical trials, please submit an online consult form. Your consult will then be directed to our trials team. Requests are typically returned within 5 business days.

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