One Cancer. One Cure.


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One Cure for Pets and People

This year, millions of our pets will get cancer. And just like us, they often fight it and beat it.  At the Flint Animal Cancer Center, we’ve learned something important: cancer is cancer.  A lot of our pets get cancers that are exactly the same as cancers in people, down to the cellular level. Which means what works for our pets could work for us. Treatments and breakthroughs we develop here to help pets beat cancer can often be used to help people beat cancer. And already have. So our mission is to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in pets. And then use our research and knowledge to also benefit people with cancer. Join us as we race to cure cancer in our best friends, and ourselves. Because the cure for cancer could be walking right beside us. One Cancer. One Cure. Learn more here 

One Cure in Action