Molecular Oncology and Functional Genomics

Led by Dr. Dawn Duval, the focus of the Molecular Oncology and Functional Genomics program is defining the mechanisms of gene expression, genomics and biomarker development in canine cancers.  This laboratory also provides a cell-line validation service for canine and feline cell lines. Current projects explore genetic and gene expression changes contributing to cancer development and metastatic progression in models of hormone refractory breast cancer, canine osteosarcoma and bladder cancer.


  • Support and Services
    • Cell Line Validation Service
      • PCR-based species validation PCR-based mycoplasma detection
      • Canine STR analysis
    • Biomarker Analysis/Genomics of Canine Cancers
      • Microarray Gene Expression Analysis
      • MIQE compliant RT-qPCR analysis
      • Western Blot Analysis
      • miRNA analysis
      • Whole exome analysis of driving mutations in canine cancers
    • Mechanisms of Gene Regulation
      • Luciferase Reporter analysis of gene promoters, 3’UTR regions
      • DNA/ Protein and Protein/Protein interactions
      • Luciferase Reporter Analysis of Cellular Signaling Pathways

About Dr. Duval

Dr. Duval began her research career as a Biochemistry undergraduate at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Allie M. Lee Natural Products Lab. In her graduate research, she worked with Dr. Ruth Billings, a toxicologist in the Pharmacology department at UNR. In Environmental Health Sciences at Colorado State University, she explored the ability of cytokines to induce nitric oxide synthase expression in hepatocytes and the potential role this induction plays in liver damage. She expanded her understanding of mechanisms of gene regulation by completing post-doctoral fellowships with Dr. Colin Clay at CSU and as a postdoctoral fellow and junior faculty member in the Endocrine Division at the University  of Colorado School of Medicine.

NCBI Publication Listing


Dr. Dawn Duval
Dr. Dawn Duval

Molecular Oncology and Functional Genomics
Professor, Clinical Sciences

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