Michele Blackburn

Michele Blackburn with cat

Michele Blackburn, B.S., B.A., C.V.T.
Veterinary Technician, Oncology

I moved to Colorado from Lancaster, CA (aka middle of nowhere desert). I am the middle child of five, and we grew up having a menagerie of animals at all times including dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, birds, guinea pigs, snakes, and short-term lizards that we would catch in the fields and then release.

I’ve always wanted a career involving animals and have always been a giant science and biology nerd. I started working for the Dumb Friends League and found myself drawn to the health care department and then decided to pursue an education as a veterinary technician at Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology. I have been working as a vet tech for the past 12 years in various animal shelters and low-cost clinics, and general practice. I also have had the great opportunity to help with international and domestic spay/neuter campaigns.

Last year, I received a dual major at Metropolitan State University – a BS in biology, and a BA in chemistry. I had been working part-time at the Flint Animal Cancer Center, and that position has now turned in to a full-time position. Working at the Flint Animal Cancer Center has been my most significant opportunity to treat patients with cancer and work with their owners. It is heartwarming to see the deep love and connection between owner and pet and rewarding to be a part of the owner’s team in fighting this disease for their animal. I also love the educational atmosphere here at CSU for both students and staff, and the constant drive to learn and do more for our patients every day.

I currently have a dog, lab/pit mix named Jelly, and a cat, gray tab named Homer (whose nickname is Donut-head). Outside of work, I like to try new beers, play video games, go hiking and fishing, and am an avid hockey fan.