Dr. Jennifer Grover

Dr. Jennifer Grover
Clinical Trials Intern

As long as I can remember, I have had an affinity for animals and been passionate about animal welfare. Because of that, I originally planned on going to law school to practice humane law. After graduating from Brown University, I worked as a paralegal at a large law firm in New York City, but soon realized that sitting at a desk was not for me!

I knew that I was happiest when I was spending time with animals, so I began working in a veterinary practice as an unlicensed veterinary tech in preparation for a career in veterinary medicine. I went to vet school at Cornell University, graduating in 2018, and then moved to New York City for a rotating internship at the Animal Medical Center. I spent last year in a specialty internship in oncology at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

When I finished veterinary school, I was initially interested in cardiology, but my first rotation during my rotating internship was in oncology, and I loved it! I’m drawn to oncology because it combines everything I love about veterinary medicine – fostering strong relationships with both clients and patients, a focus on the practice of evidence-based medicine, and a team approach to patient care.

I’m excited to join the clinical trials team at the Flint Animal Cancer Center because of its amazing reputation and, in particular, because of the amazing volume of cutting-edge research happening here. I look forward to participating in the day to day running of trials and being part of a fantastic team of technicians and doctors. Getting to snuggle my patients is a bonus! I plan to spend this year learning how to run clinical trials on a day to day basis, becoming a better doctor in general, and expanding my education in veterinary oncology to prepare for a medical oncology residency.

As a life-long east coaster, I’m excited to explore a new place, especially one as beautiful as Colorado! I am a little nervous about being able to find some of the things that New Yorkers consider to be life essentials: good pizza, good bagels, seltzer. In my free time, I like to keep busy, and you’ll find me cooking, reading, sailing, and traveling (when it’s allowed!). I also love spending time with my dog Vergil, a yellow mixed-breed dog who is incredibly handsome. He’s currently back east with my family but hopefully will be joining me in Colorado later this year. Although Vergil is my main companion, I also love cats, especially fancy long-haired ones!