Clinical Trials Research

Led by Dr. Kristen Weishaar, the Flint Animal Cancer Center clinical trials program enrolls client-owned pets to evaluate the effectiveness of new drugs, find novel uses of old drugs, or investigate new approaches to surgery and/or radiation therapy to treat cancer. Each patient provides valuable information in the quest to improve their care as well as the care of future patients, both pets and people.


  • Dedicated trials faculty coordinator, clinical staff, and research support staff
  • 30 to 35 active clinical trials per year from diverse sponsorship: Industry, Foundations, Philanthropy, NIH
  • Average 150 patients/year and 800 appointments/year
  • Experience with:
    • Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Radiation therapy
    • Targeted therapeutics
    • Devices, surgical intervention
    • Investigational therapies
  • Rapid IACUC/CRB Review (avg. = 1 month)
    • Standardized informed consent
  • Single-site or multi-center trials
    • COTC member
    • Patient recruitment resources
    • Excellent owner compliance for all procedural needs
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) capability
Clincal trials staff members with black dog

Dr. Weishaar is a board-certified medical oncologist and the clinical trials director at the Flint Animal Cancer Center.  Her interests include trial conduct, oversight, and management. She completed a Master’s program at the University of Colorado in clinical research. Her didactic training was in the design and conduct of clinical research in humans, which she applies veterinary clinical trials. Her focus is on improving the quality of veterinary clinical trials and the data obtained to continue to expand knowledge in the realm of cancer diagnostics and treatments in both humans and animals.

NCBI Publication Listing


Dr. Kristen Weishaar
Dr. Kristen Weishaar

Director of Clinical Trials

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