Patient Disease:

Canine Osteosarcoma with Metastasis to the Lungs

Study Name:

CAR T cell Immunotherapy for Treatment of Metastatic Osteosarcoma in Dogs

Purpose of the study:

  • To determine the safety and effectiveness of canine CAR T cells in dogs with metastatic OSA

Primary Eligibility Criteria:

  • Dogs with a confirmed diagnosis of osteosarcoma via surgery to remove their primary tumor with measurable metastatic disease in the lungs visible on chest X-rays
  • Minimum weight 20 kg (44 lb)
  • Adequate blood work • 2-3 week washout from chemotherapy
  • No metastatic disease anywhere besides the lungs
  • No concurrent treatment with any immune modulatory drugs including corticosteroids
  • Pets must come to CSU for all visits related to the clinical trial

Study Protocol:

  • Dogs will receive an IV infusion of CAR T cells. The blood for this procedure will be drawn two weeks prior to administration, and dogs will be treated with a bone marrow-suppressing drug (cyclophosphamide) for 4 days before the CAR T cells are given back
  • Dogs will also be prescribed daily oral losartan and propranolol to start 2 weeks prior to CAR T administration and will receive these medications throughout the entire study
  • Recheck visits will be required 1, 3, 7, 14, 28, and 60 days after CAR T cell infusion for an exam, diagnostics, and study blood collection
  • The study is complete after the Day 60 visit

Owner Responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for the initial testing to determine study eligibility and any other tests recommended by your pet’s oncologist
  • You will also be responsible for the costs of all exam fees throughout the duration of the study
  • You are expected to make and keep all appointments associated with the study
  • You must be comfortable administering oral medications at home and keeping a record of drug administration and side effects

Financial Incentives:

  • Once your pet is enrolled, the study will cover all costs related to the clinical trial (including diagnostics, CAR T cell generation and infusion, and study blood collection and processing), other than recheck exam fees

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