Flint Animal Cancer Center

Radiation Biology and Therapy

Dr. LaRue has long standing interest in tumor metabolism and tissue heterogeneity as it relates to radiation response.  Incorporating functional imaging to monitor tumor and normal tissue response has been an ongoing initiative.  Recently, Dr. LaRue has developed interests in effects of high-dose radiation on vascular endothelial cell populations as a unique mechanism of action.  
The focus of Dr. Boss’s research is to utilize the potential of the Canine Comparative Oncology model to benefit both human and veterinary medicine.  She explores novel experimental therapeutics to enhance the efficacy of radiation therapy, particularly those which modulate oxidative stress.  Dr. Boss’s research is also focused towards investigating the role of the immune response in radiation oncology.
Currently, Dr. Leary’s research interests involve radio sensitivity and dose escalation toward radio immunotherapy. He also enjoys research topics in novel therapeutic beam design, image guided radiation therapy and 3-Dimensional bolus construction.


  • Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator - Radiosurgery capability, Inverse Treatment planning, 3 photon beams and 5 electron energies

  • Strontium Applicators

  • Small Animal Image-Guided X-Ray Irradiator


  • Targeted radiation in rodent models; Comparable to clinical radiation therapy

  • Experimental tumor studies; normal tissue radiation effects

  • Tumor physiology laboratory and fully equipped procedures room

  • Dedicated Staff
    • LINAC technician
    • Veterinary technicians