Surgical Oncology Research

Surgical oncology is one of the integrated disciplines of the oncology service at Colorado State University. Research in this discipline involves retrospective studies, in vitro laboratory experiments, and clinical trials with client-consent. Many facets have been investigated (for the benefit of animal wellness and for improving human health), and our surgical oncologists collaborate with their colleagues from the other disciplines and from human medicine to make this a true integrated and translational approach.

About Dr. Séguin

Dr. Bernard Seguin with Saint Bernard

Dr. Bernard Séguin obtained his D.V.M. from the University of Montréal. He performed a small animal internship at the University of Illinois. Following, he completed a Master’s of Science and Small Animal Surgery Residency at Washington State University. He then went on to fulfill his fellowship in Surgical Oncology at Colorado State University. He was on faculty at the University of California, Davis, and Oregon State University. He is currently a professor of surgical oncology. His research interests include better understanding the cancers that afflict dogs and cats and developing novel therapies with a special focus on limb-sparing for bone tumors.

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About Dr. Worley

Dr. Worley in surgery

Dr. Deanna Worley received her D.V.M. from Colorado State University in 1999. Following that time, she completed a small animal internship, spent two years as a general practitioner, and two years in a small animal surgical internship. In 2007, she completed a surgery residency at the University of Pennsylvania and then returned to CSU as a surgical oncology fellow and joined the faculty in 2008. Her research interests include defining lymphatic circulation and physiology as it relates to cancer treatment and metastasis, particularly tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic-targeting chemotherapy, and in lessening surgical trauma associated with cancer treatment.

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Dr. Bernard Seguin
Dr. Bernard Séguin

Professor, Surgical Oncology

Dr. Deanna Worley
Dr. Deanna Worley

Associate Professor, Surgical Oncology