Stories of Hope

DukeDuke’s Story


Duke loves popcorn, peanut butter, and people. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and is now one of our tripawd friends. Duke is participating in a clinical trial at the Flint Animal Cancer Center.

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CaliCali’s Story


Cali is a sweet yellow lab who has been battling soft tissue sarcoma on and off for several years. She's participating in a clinical trial at the Flint Animal Cancer Center to figure out if injecting the myxoma virus at the surgical site after the tumor is removed will prevent recurrence. 

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BensonBenson's Story


Benson was diagnosed with lymphoma and participated in a clinical trial at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. His involvement in the study helped gain preliminary FDA approval for a canine lymphoma drug, the first of its kind, that is now used throughout the country. He has been cancer-free for 2-1/2 years!

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GoudaGouda’s Story


After a “sneezing fit” in September 2016, seven-year-old Gouda was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma. This type of cancer is rare in cats, but believed to behave similar to the same cancer in dogs. She received received radiation therapy at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. 

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AliceAlice’s Story


Alice has been cancer-free for fourteen months after receiving treatment for osteosarcoma at the Flint Animal Cancer Center.

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BellaBella’s Story


Bella was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January 2016. Following amputation of her left front leg, she participated in the COXEN clinical trial at the Flint Animal Cancer Center, and received a customized chemotherapy protocol. Today she’s cancer-free and doing all of the things she loves! 

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ChloeChloe’s Story


Chloe was one of the first patients to enter a new brain tumor vaccine clinical trial at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. Diagnosed in February 2017, she's beating the odds and feeling great!

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ZenaZena’s Story


Zena was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in 2011. After several surgeries and reccuring tumors, Zena has never let cancer slow her down. At age 15 she still enjoys walks and the family’s annual elk hunting trip. 

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TulsaTulsa’s Story


Tulsa lived in three homes in his first three years before finding his perfect family. Eighteen months later, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, but even on three legs, he continues to hike, swim, run, and make every day better for his companions Molly and Randy.  

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GraceGrace’s Story

”Lady” Grace is a champion Ragdoll kitty. She’d never been sick a single day and then her owner found a tumor on New Year’s Eve 2015. Following surgery and chemotherapy, Grace is doing well. Grace is a cancer survivor and a true story of hope. 

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Bo's StoryBo’s Story


Bo was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in July 2013. Following surgery to remove the tumor, additional tumors appeared. In May 2014, Bo entered one of our clinical trials for dogs with recurrent mast cell tumors. 

More than four years after his initial diagnosis, Bo continues to fight this unpredictable disease.

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Cassie's StoryCassie’s Story


After an initial diagnosis of an apocrine gland adenocarcinoma, a type of skin tumor, two years ago, ten-year-old Cassie is fighting cancer again, with a wag and a smile.

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Lilly's StoryLilly’s Story 

The average survival for dogs with osteosarcoma is one year after
surgery and chemotherapy. Eight years after beating cancer,
Lilly the “lemon” is making lemonade out of life.

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