Ruta Pascal

Ruta Pascal with dog

Ruta Pascal, R.V.T.
Radiation Oncology Technician

I grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania, and moved to the United States 15 years ago. I have always been obsessed with animals, and that interest eventually led me to the field of veterinary medicine. Before I settled in my career, I attended Vilnius University Lithuania and received a degree in philology, the study of written language. I soon discovered it wasn’t my passion; I was bored and decided to focus on my interests in medical sciences, anatomy, and physiology.

After moving to the bay area in 2004, I attended Foothill College, California, and earned my registered veterinary technician license. After completing my degree, I worked in general practice for four years and then moved to emergency medicine. My interest in oncology developed after people in my life were getting sick, and more specifically, when my dog, Rupert, was diagnosed with cancer. I learned more about the complexity of the disease, how many rules cancer doesn’t follow. I have seen amazing results, and I am comforted to know that we have options. I have also witnessed lost battles. Cancer is a universal issue and impacts us all in one way or another.

Looking for a change, I moved to Colorado in March 2019. I am excited to work with the radiation oncology team at the Flint Animal Cancer Center and look forward to learning more about this mysterious disease. Having experienced a pet with cancer, I have a unique understanding of what our clients are going through, but I also know there is hope.

I am still lucky to have my dog, Rupert, who took me on a heartbreaking and also miraculous cancer journey. I am fortunate to have him even if he was called medical mystery multiple times. He is my heart, and as long as he is enjoying life, I am here for him and know he loves me only the way dogs can. Outside of work, I enjoy life in any shape or form. I love backpacking, photography, being outside, exploring beautiful nature, meeting people, experiencing music, enjoying good food and all of the other fun things this life brings.