Racing for One Cure

One Cure is all about speeding new and promising treatments to all cancer patients – pets and people – which is why we’re thrilled to team up with the motorsports industry to raise awareness of our ground-breaking work in comparative oncology.  Non-traditional?  You bet, but we love partnering with folks who also like to speed towards a goal. With the help of our partners, we’re hoping to spread the word that cancer occurs in pets at a similar rate to humans, and that it occurs naturally. Cancer is cancer, so what is learned in pets being treated for cancer holds promise to also benefit people, and vice versa. Because we are in the business of curing cancer we owe thanks to these partnership opportunities to a generous benefactor who saw car racing as a great vehicle (pun intended) to raise public awareness about One Cure. 

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Graham Rahal #15

“I am beyond excited to partner with One Cure and bring more focus and energy to discovering ways to help find a cure to save the lives of our loved ones, including our pets, who we consider family members. One Cure is a tremendous addition to our program. As an animal lover and lifelong supporter of animal charities, this is going to be a powerful movement for our team as well as something our fans, sponsors and competitors can work together on to make an impact.”

Learn more about Graham and the Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing team. 

Clint Bowyer #14

"I've always heard of One Cure since I came to Stewart-Haas Racing, but we met with them in Daytona and I was amazed at what they are doing for people and pets.The bottom line I learned is this: There isn't much difference between dogs and humans when it comes to cancer. What they get we get. We're both in the same environment, drink the same water and react the same way. So, One Cure is researching cancer in dogs and other pets not only to treat them, but to apply that research in the hopes it will lead to curing cancer in humans, as well. Everyone knows somebody who has been touched by cancer. I like to have fun in life, but racing is my job and I take it very seriously and, even as seriously as I take racing, I'd like to think there are few things more important to all of us than finding a cure for cancer."

Learn more about Clint and the Stewart Haas Racing team.

One Cure Stories of Hope

One Cure provides critical funding for the clinical trials research program at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. The goal of our clinical trials program is to find better treatment options for cancer patients, both pets and humans, that improve outcomes, reduce side effects, and hopefully, one day, find a cure. With owner consent, our canine and feline patients are pioneers in cancer research, helping us move cutting-edge treatments off the laboratory bench and into clinical practice; providing hope for today’s patients and the next generation of animal and human cancer patients.