Neuro-Oncology Research

Dr. Packer’s research experience includes developing novel treatments for brain tumors and intracranial brain tumor resection, including novel intraoperative imaging techniques. Currently, she is focused on comparative and translational to human neuro oncology using the spontaneous canine model for glioma and high-grade meningioma. Her efforts provide direct application to improving the quality of care for clinical veterinary patients.


  • Dedicated and fully integrated Neurology Service
  • MR and CT/PET advanced external imaging
  • Intra-operative imaging of neoplastic chemical signaling
  • Brain tumor tissue and cell line repository
  • Active clinical trials


  • Dedicated medical and surgical facilities for management of complex neurologic-origin neoplasia
  • Fiber tractography surgical field selection
  • Minimally invasive technology
  • Brainsight Neuronavigation system
  • Synaptive Bright Matter Plan, Bright Matter Drive
  • Synaptive Servo robotic positioning arm
  • NICO Myriad

About Dr. Packer

Dr. Packer’s clinical interests include neurosurgery, movement disorders, intracranial diseases and neoplastic conditions of the nervous system. Her comparative research focuses primarily on minimally-invasive neurosurgical techniques and novel drug therapies for the treatment of brain tumors. The goal of these efforts is to develop treatments that will benefit veterinary patients, and also provide potential translation to human patients. Her primary research goal is to develop more effective brain tumor treatments, while minimizing surgical invasiveness and chemotherapeutic side effects.

NCBI Publication Listing


Dr. Rebecca Packer
Dr. Rebecca Packer

Neuro-Oncology Research
Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences

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