Megan Willman

Megan Willman

Megan Willman, C.V.T.
Radiation Oncology Technician

I was born and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was the youngest of three kids. When I was in second grade, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. They caught it early enough that she had surgery quickly, and the doctors removed the cancerous growths. At the time, I really didn’t understand what was happening. My teacher suggested I spend a day making my mom get well cards, which was fun, but I had no idea the risks associated with what she was going through.

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and my doctor told me that it was 50/50 on whether I’d live to see 30. However, my cancer was caught early, and I had the cancerous lesions removed; I’m now 32 and have not had a reoccurrence yet.

I had the opportunity to move to Colorado in 2014. After I arrived, I began working at the Longmont Humane Society. I worked in various roles, including animal care team member, behavior specialist, and veterinary technician. I knew from a young age I’d grow up working with animals. I’ve always connected with them and felt I could make a difference in their lives. I’ve done a lot of behavior work with dogs and wanted to be able to help them medically, as well, and provide a more well-rounded approach to addressing behavioral concerns. That desire led me to start and complete the vet tech program at Front Range Community College in 2021.

My very personal history with cancer started at an early age and then as an adult when one of my dogs, a female pittie mix named Lolo, was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma. We tried chemotherapy, but the cancer was extremely aggressive, and Lolo passed away a few short months after her diagnosis. From all my experiences, I know how devastating cancer can be and have learned so much about compassion, patience, and kindness as a result.

Working at the Flint Animal Cancer Center is a perfect fit for me.  I love being able to make a positive impact on the lives of companion animals and their people. I feel I have a lot to offer for others going through similar experiences and want to use my knowledge and unique understanding to provide the best care to our clients and patients. I also love learning, and oncology is a field that is constantly changing, evolving, and developing. I enjoy being a part of that.

Outside of work, I enjoy distance running, weightlifting, hiking, and reading. My pets also keep me busy! I have four American pit bull terrier mixes named Nina, Charlie, Lucky, and Salt, a Golden Retriever named Indy, and a mixed breed named Chip. I also have two cats called Orion and PewPew. Additionally, I am a foster parent for dogs that need behavior work and diabetic cats.

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