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FACC Wish List

On behalf of our patients and their families, thank you for considering a gift to the Flint Animal Cancer Center. The following items would enhance our ability to provide quality patient care and skilled training for future veterinarians, and strengthen our resources in cancer research. If you would like to help by donating funds toward the purchase of any of these items, please email Dr. Christine Hardy or call (970) 297-4175. All donations and every amount of support makes a difference to our program.

BrightMatter™ Guide system ($52,500)

This system is a necessary component for surgical guidance in our port-based, minimally invasive brain surgeries. We are the only veterinary hospital in the world with this technology, allowing us to offer state-of-the-art veterinary care, and to match the human neurosurgery field through collaborations to advance human brain cancer treatments as well. We currently have this system on loan, but cannot keep it permanently unless we purchase it.

OxyLite™ Pro XL ($34,900)

Oxygenation is a critical factor in a tumor’s response to radiation therapy. Measuring tumor oxygenation is a key part of clinical trials and other research to advance knowledge of radiation effects, as well as improve radiation treatment outcomes. OxyLite is the internationally recognized gold standard for real-time measurement of oxygen in tissues. We have used the original version of this system for more than a decade, but updated models mean the company will be enforcing obsolescence of our outdated instrument.

Covidien ForceTriad™ Energy Platform ($16,343)

This modern surgical electrocautery unit will enhance our ability to obtain surgical biopsies and to quickly and safely perform minor procedures outside the operating room and advanced procedures in the operating room.

ME54 or ME104 New Classic Analytical Balance ($1,500-$1,800)
Phenix Quickspin Minicentrifuge ($270-$340)

A hot lab is a specially designed room in the hospital’s nuclear medicine department where radiopharmaceuticals are delivered, stored, and prepared for administration to patients. These items support preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging research projects and clinical trials patients. We currently borrow on equipment, but the lab needs its own.

Naming Opportunities

For more than 30 years, our team has provided the best in the world oncology care to our veterinary patients and it was time to update the clinical space. Our Lucy Oncology Clinic opened in December 2016 with support from grateful clients. Additional naming opportunities are available and gifts will support our ongoing work in the race for a cure. Please contact Dr. Christine Hardy, (970) 297-4175 for additional information and giving opportunities.

☑ Lucy Oncology Rounds Clinic*

☑ Lucy Rounds Room*

☑ True and Story Keen Consult and Comfort Room*

☑ Patt Hall Patient Examination Room*

☑ Millard M. and Bertha Mae Schindler Examination Room*

☑ Jessy Angel Topham Quiet Intake Room*


☐​ Clinical Trials Room - $250,000

☐ Chemo Infusion Room - $200,000

☐​ Oncology Procedure Rooms (2) - $150,000 each

☐​ Radiation Rounds Room - $125,000

☐Argus Counseling Room - $100,000

☐​ Radiation Procedure Room - $100,00

☐​ Radiation Client Consult Room - $75,000

*Room has already been named.