Dr. Erin Trageser

Dr. Erin Trageser with dog

Dr. Erin Trageser, D.V.M.
Radiation Oncology Resident

Growing up in southern Arizona, I was surrounded by a rich array of desert wildlife. We would frequently have javelina, coyotes, tarantulas, lizards, and snakes visit our home. As a child, I fell in love with all the beautiful creatures in our world. I always knew I wanted to work with animals, so throughout high school and college I worked in veterinary hospitals and volunteered in wildlife conservation. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a wide array of wildlife in their native range including Burmese pythons in Bangladesh, Asian elephants in Thailand, and kiwi birds in New Zealand. Working with a variety of creatures satisfies my adventurous curiosities, but at the end of the day I knew I wanted to spend the majority of my time working to improve the lives of companion animals and their owners.

I was drawn to oncology based on my personal experience when my childhood dog, Max, was diagnosed with cancer. He was a beautiful shepherd mix who sadly developed osteosarcoma. On the day of his diagnosis, my worldview was altered dramatically. It was at this moment that I learned about the field of veterinary oncology, the treatment options available, and the research program at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. When I lost my Max, I knew I wanted to spend my career fighting cancer in animals. I wanted to provide hope to people when they were faced with devastating and, often, overwhelming news.

In my hometown of Tucson, I received my bachelor’s degreee from the University of Arizona where I majored in veterinary science. Following that, I was admitted to the inaugural class at the veterinary school of Midwestern University. In veterinary school, I spent as much time as possible participating in oncology rotations and focused my student research on companion animal cancers. It was during one of these rotations that I visited the FACC and fell in love with the program I heard so much about years prior. I enjoyed each day at the FACC and was excited to be a part of their collaborative environment and groundbreaking research programs.

After vet school, I completed a busy rotating internship at VCA Animal Referral and Emergency Center of Arizona. Now, I am excited to be back at the FACC where I can provide the best patient care with the brilliant team here, and work on advancing the field of oncology for animals and humans alike.

When I’m not in the hospital, I enjoy spending time outdoors, either hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or camping with my husband and our corgi Annwn. We are excited to explore our new home here in Colorado, and these desert dwellers can’t wait to enjoy some world-class winter sports as well!

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