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Flint Animal Cancer Center

Opportunities to Give

Thank you for choosing to give to the Flint Animal Cancer Center! Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, we are asking that all gifts to the FACC be made online. If you have already made a gift by check, we will appreciatively accept it. Please know there may be a delay in depositing and receipting due to our remote operations during the COVID-19 outbreak, and we appreciate your patience.

Receipts for your gifts will be delivered online and also through Donor Connect, a personal online giving portal that allows you to make gifts, view your giving history, and more. We are grateful for your generosity and understanding. If you have questions about making a gift via check, or would like assistance making your gift online or accessing Donor Connect, please contact Torii Kapavik at 254-424-2327 and

Patient Assistance

Gifts to our patient assistance funds ensure money does not have to be a barrier to treatment. Your generosity benefits our patients and the families who love them and allows us to focus on providing compassionate and comprehensive care.


Jessy's Leash of Love

Your gift to Jessy's Leash of Love provides financial assitance to patients whose families cannot afford care…

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Holly's Legacy Fund

Your gift combined with support from Holly’s family will help elderly and disabled families choose the best care possible for their pets…

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Friends of Nan Bush and Palomino Fund

Your gift offers financial assistance to families to provide the best possible care for their pets…

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Greatest Need

Gifts to Kari & Kelsey’s Fund support the operational heart and soul of the Flint Animal Cancer Center. Your gift provides us with the flexibility in the moment to address our greatest needs and ensure we can continue to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for every patient. Kari & Kelsey’s fund supports essential staff, training opportunities, awareness and outreach activities, and also helps maintain our clinical and laboratory equipment. 

Kari & Kelsey's Fund

Your gift to our operating fund provides flexibility to support new opportunities and our greatest needs.

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One cure for pets and people.

Your gift to One Cure supports clinical trials and comparative oncology research at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. Pet dogs, in particular, offer many advantages for the study of cancer in people because they share our environment and a remarkable number of physical and biological similarities. Despite this acknowledgement, funding remains scarce. Canine clinical trials are key to finding new treatment protocols, more effective drugs, and better diagnostic tools on our way to finding a cure. Perhaps the biggest benefit of canine clinical trials is that study results are available in half the time; one to three years for pet patients instead of five to ten years for people and at a fraction of the cost. Your gift will help us speed up advances and improve outcomes for all cancer patients.


One Cure

Your gift to One Cure will help us speed up advances and improve outcomes for both pets and people with cancer ...

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Your gift to our research program expands our ability to search for better cancer treatments for the future. Each day, our pharmacologists, molecular oncologists, cancer biologists, and immunologists learn key information to help in the development of new cancer therapies. Their labs search for genetic information to explore cancer’s weaknesses and test new ways to take advantage of those findings at the most basic levels. Breakthroughs lead to clinical trials, which lead to better treatment options. With your support, we can build our basic research program to continue to unlock the mysteries of cancer on our way to finding a cure. 


Angelo Feline Therapeutics Discovery

Your gift supports feline therapeutic research…

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CanineKids Outfitters Cancer Research Fund

Your gift is an investment in future cancer treatments…

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Your scholarship gift is an investment in the next generation of veterinary oncologists. With your help, we can attract the most promising candidates who may one day find the key to preventing or curing cancer. Educating future cancer specialists is central to our mission. In fact, we have trained more surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists than any other veterinary institution in the world. Until the day we conquer cancer, the need for additional veterinary oncologists continues to grow as more than six million pet animals are diagnosed with cancer each year. To assure every pet has access to expert oncology care, we need to train more specialists. To do that, we need your partnership.


Elliott's Long Paw Scholars Fund

Your gift supports the training of a medical oncology resident…

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Lucy Scholars Fund

Your gift supports training for a medical oncology resident and surgical oncology fellow …

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Oncology Award in 
Memory of Lois Marie Adlfinger

Your gift supports an annual financial award for an oncology specialist trainee…

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