Clincal Trials Near You

Clinical Trials Near You

In general, to participate in a Flint Animal Cancer Center clinical trial, patients must be treated at our facility, but will go home with you after each appointment, unless the protocol dictates otherwise. Our nurses and veterinarians make certain they receive all the tests and treatments outlined in their specific protocol and that our patients are doing well during treatment. Most families who participate in our clinical trials live within 150 miles of Fort Collins or are willing to travel or temporarily relocate for the period of the study. The main goal for every patient is a good quality of life.

Clinical trials related to pet cancer are conducted throughout the United States. If you do not live close enough to participate in one of our trials, please visit AVMA to search for trials in your area.

To ask a question about Clinical Trials at the Flint Animal Cancer Center, please visit our online consult service.