Flint Animal Cancer Center

Clinical Immunology

Dr. Avery’s laboratory studies the genetic basis of lymphoproliferative disorders and works to understand the pathogenesis of these diseases using the dog as a model. Most recently, Dr. Avery’s lab identified three genetic regions that confer risk for T zone lymphoma in Golden Retrievers. The genes in this region also provide clues about the pathogenesis of this interesting disease. Additionally, they are examining which normal lymphoid counterparts give rise to different forms of lymphoma.

Support and Services

  • Immunophenotyping and cell surface markers

    • DNA from ~ 50,000 immunophenotyped canine lymphomas and leukemias

  • PCR based immunodiagnostics

  • Clonality assessment using a variety of assays

  • c-kit mutation detection canine mast cell tumors

  • Gene expression profiling

  • Dedicated board certified pathologist with expertise in hematopathology


  • Process >200 samples for immunophenotyping/week

  • 4 dedicated full time technicians


  • MoFlo cell sorter

    • 3 lasers, 9 colors, 4-way sort capability

  • Gallios flow cytometer

  • 3 lasers, 9 colors

  • ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer