Dr. Chris Dolan

Dr. Chris Dolan, D.V.M.

Medical Oncology Intern

I’m Dr. Chris Dolan and I’m the new medical oncology intern at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian, which probably started with my love for animals. Growing up in Beaumont, TX (east of Houston) I had a wonderful dog named Abby. 

As I grew older, I also learned that science was cool. Once I figured that out, it confirmed for me that veterinary medicine was the perfect profession. I completed my undergraduate degree at Texas A&M and stayed to attend veterinary school. During my third year in the veterinary medicine program, I attended my first lectures relating to oncology and I was intrigued. When I started my fourth year, I was convinced I wanted to specialize in internal medicine, but I found that the cases that interested me the most had to do with oncology. The more I learned about treating pets with cancer, the more I wanted to learn.

Last year, after receiving my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, I entered a rotating internship at Blue Pearl in Atlanta, Georgia. While there, I continued to work in a variety of veterinary services, but soon knew, I wanted to commit to a specialty in oncology. The next step was to apply for an oncology internship. Lucky for me, I matched with the Flint Animal Cancer Center!

One of the things that interests me the most about veterinary oncology is the way veterinary medicine and human medicine collaborate to find better ways to treat cancer in both pets and people. I’m excited to be a team member at the Flint Animal Cancer Center this year because of their focus on comparative oncology, plus the facility and opportunities here are unmatched. My goal this year is to learn as much as possible … and there’s a lot to learn! I’m really enjoying my time working with oncology patients and their families. Last year, I diagnosed several patients with cancer. This year, I’m part of a different conversation, I have the opportunity to talk to clients about treatment options and actually help my patients beat cancer!

In my short time in Fort Collins, I’ve enjoyed hiking and taking photographs of the amazing Colorado scenery. In my free time, I also like to visit the local breweries and hang out with my dog, Piper. After my internship this year, I plan to move on to an oncology residency. I’ll gladly stay here at the FACC, but I’m open to wherever life takes me.