TOPIC: Patient Care
Pet Cancer

Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

Staff Writer | October 31, 2019

Cancer is the leading cause of death in pets beyond middle age. As with people, early detection can make a difference. Review these warning signs to catch pet cancer early!

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Flint Animal Cancer Center Video Library

Staff Writer | August 01, 2018

The Flint Animal Cancer Center video library features our collection of helpful and informative videos....

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Canine Lymphoma

Lymphoma In Dogs

Staff Writer | November 06, 2019

Canine lymphoma is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in dogs today, accounting for up to 24% of all new canine cancers. Lymphoma is very sensitive to chemotherapy, and up to 95% of dogs treated will go into remission when the most effective treatment protocols are used.

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Pet Quality of Life

Questioning and Assessing Your Pet's Quality of Life

Lisa Hunter, L.S.W., Argus Institute | January 10, 2019

One of the most challenging aspects of caring for a pet involves making decisions for their health and well-being.  These decisions become increasingly difficult when considering quality of life.

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Pet Loss

Preparing to say goodbye to your pet

Maria Gore, MSW | July 18, 2019

The pain of saying goodbye to our pets is heartbreaking, and although no amount of preparation will eliminate that pain, there are some considerations that may help you feel more in control of the situation.

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