Combination of Janus Kinase Inhibitor and a Recombinant Myxoma Virus to Treat Soft Tissue Sarcomas in Dogs

Patient Disease:

Canine Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Study Name:

Combination use of a Janus Kinase Inhibitor and a Recombinant Myxoma Virus to Treat Soft Tissue Sarcomas in Dogs

Purpose of the study:

  • Evaluate the immune response to combination oclacitinib and post-operative myxoma virus injection in dogs with soft tissue sarcomas

  • Collect preliminary data to evaluate if the combination therapy might reduce tumor recurrence in dogs with soft tissue sarcomas

Primary Eligibility Criteria:

  • Biopsy-confirmed grade II or III soft tissue sarcoma that is not amenable to complete surgical resection

  • Dogs must be overall healthy with adequate blood work results

  • Pets must come to CSU for all visits related to the clinical trial

Study Protocol:

  • Pre-enrollment: Physical exam, labwork (blood tests, urinalysis), chest x-rays, and biopsy if not already performed

  • One week prior to surgery, start treatment with oclacitinib (given orally twice daily for 14 days)

  • Surgical excision of the tumor, with virus injection at the surgical site

  • Week 2: Recheck exam, labwork, and 2nd virus injection at surgery site

  • Rechecks at 4,6,8,12 weeks, and ongoing every 2 months for 12 months

Owner Responsibilities:

  • Costs of initial testing to determine eligibility (labwork, chest x-rays, and pre-treatment biopsy, as well as any other tests recommended by your pet’s oncologist)

Financial Incentives:

  • Costs related to oclacitinib therapy, myxoma virus injections, surgery (anesthesia, histopathology, hospitalization, post-operative care, wound management), clinical trial appointments, physical examinations, recommended follow-up chest x-rays, blood work, urinalysis, and immunological studies will be covered by this study.

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