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Clinical Immunology Laboratory


Dr. Avery’s laboratory studies the immunological mechanisms that underlie the development of canine lymphoma and leukemia, and provides diagnostic services to thousands of veterinary clinics and patients each year. 


Dr. Ann AveryDr. Anne Avery

Dr. Avery received her V.M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in Immunology from Cornell University. She was a post-doctorate fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, and is currently an Associate Professor of Immunology at Colorado State University as well as the Director of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory. 


Research Focus

The mission of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory is to aid veterinarians in the accurate diagnosis of hematologic malignancies, and to further our understanding of these diseases in canine and feline patients. They have provided diagnostic testing services since 2002, and in 2017 tested samples from more than 11,500 unique canine and feline patients from over 2,700 clinics. These cases, and the follow up information generously provided by submitting clinics, has helped to better define breed trends in lymphoma and leukemia, factors involved in prognosis, and to identify parallels between human and canine lymphoma.


  • Immunophenotyping and cell surface markers

    • DNA from ~ 50,000 immunophenotyped canine lymphomas and leukemias

  • PCR based immunodiagnostics

  • Clonality assessment using a variety of assays

  • c-kit mutation detection – canine mast cell tumors

  • Gene expression profiling

  • Dedicated board certified pathologist with expertise in hematopathology


  • Process >200 samples for immunophenotyping/week

  • 4 dedicated full-time technicians


  • MoFlo cell sorter

    • 3 lasers, 9 colors, 4-way sort capability

  • Gallios flow cytometer

    • 3 lasers, 9 colors

  • ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer


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Clinical Immunology Laboratory 

Department of Microbology, Immunology, and Pathology