Educating future cancer specialists is central to the mission of the Flint Animal Cancer Center. We have trained more surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists than any other veterinary institution in the world. We also established the first Ph.D. program in cancer biology for  veterinarians.

Until the day we conquer cancer, the need for additional clinical and research specialists continues to grow as millions of pets are diagnosed with cancer each year and the translational value of comparative oncology increases. We are grateful for our partnerships with private philanthropists who provide annual funding to support the next generation of cancer specialists’ training.


Surgical Oncology Fellowship

The Flint Animal Cancer Center’s surgical oncology fellowship is a one-year clinical training appointment designed for veterinarians who have completed a small animal surgery residency. This highly competitive fellowship is one of only three in the country. Our program offers two fellowship positions each year.

Each year, the Lucy’s Scholar Fund supports the training of one surgical oncology fellow at the Flint Animal Cancer Center. The fund honors Lucy, a beloved pet who helped pioneer a new protocol in the early detection of cancer metastasis. Lucy’s owner, Jeff Neu, established this fund to train future innovators in veterinary oncology.


Dr. Maureen Griffin
Dr. Maureen Griffin, Lucy’s Scholar, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2020-2021


Dr. Kathryn Pitt
Dr. Kathryn Pitt, Surgical Oncology Fellow, 2020-2021


Seeker Oncology Research Fellowship

The Seeker Oncology Research Fellowship is a two-year research intense program. The program’s goal is to mentor veterinary specialists to answer clinical questions and pursue a bench-to-bedside approach to challenging veterinary oncology problems. Seeker Oncology Research Fellows have completed a residency and are board-certified or board-eligible.  Most trainees are aiming for a career in academia where research skills are critical in addition to clinical acumen.

Friend of the Flint Animal Cancer Center, Bets Keen, established the Seeker Oncology Research fund in 2018 to honor her mother and the care their family companions have received at the Cancer Center for many decades. It is named in memory of Bets’ beloved golden retriever Seeker, her “once-in-a-lifetime dog,” and one of the American Kennel Club’s most titled goldens ever. Through this fellowship, she hopes that we can SEEK to find longevity for our dear canine friends.


Dr. Samantha Schlemmer
Dr. Samantha Schlemmer, Seeker Oncology Research Fellow, 2019-2021


Ph.D. in Cancer Biology

The Cancer Biology Ph.D. program was created at CSU for veterinarians.  The program bridges several departments and colleges across Colorado State University and is the first of its kind at a veterinary institution. The program’s basic science and translational research activities are linked with the clinical research and clinical trials programs of the Flint Animal Cancer Center.

This program is in its 16th year and is supported by gifts from the Morris Animal Foundation. Through their support, students train to lead research programs and make cancer discoveries for companion animals potentially impacting human cancer. To date, nearly 20 candidates have enrolled in and/or completed the program.


Dr. Lisa Schlein
Dr. Lisa Schlein, Cancer Biology Ph.D. Candidate, 2017-2021


Medical Oncology Residency

Our medical oncology residency is a three-year program offering advanced training in clinical oncology and cancer biology. Residents are mentored by board-certified medical, surgical, and radiation oncology faculty. Our extensive network of former trainees work in private practice and at academic institutions around the world.

We are grateful to receive full or partial financial support annually for three of our medical oncology residents. In addition to a surgical oncology fellow, the Lucy’s Scholar Fund supports the three-year specialist training of a medical oncology resident. In Lucy’s memory, her owner, Jeff Neu, is committed to investing in the future of veterinary oncology.

Elliott’s Long Paw Scholar’s fund contributes annually to the training of a medical oncology resident. The fund was established to honor Elliott, a two-time FACC patient and a beautiful golden retriever who was the beloved companion of the Mesinger Family for 14 years. It also serves to thank the oncologists who provide compassionate care to cancer fighters and their families.

The Dr. Robert and Eva Knight Resident in Oncology Medicine fund also contributes to medical oncology residency training. The fund was established through a gift from the estate of Dr. Robert Knight. He believed in the importance of education and wanted to honor the work of Flint Animal Cancer Center’s founding director, Dr. Steve Withrow.


Dr. Alex Pyuen
Dr. Alex Pyuen, Lucy’s Scholar, Medical Oncology Resident, 2018-2021


Dr. Jake Siewert
Dr. Jake Siewert, Dr. Robert and Eva Knight Resident in Oncology Medicine, 2019-2022


Dr. Beck Ringdahl-Mayland
Dr. Beck Ringdahl-Mayland, Elliott’s Long Paw Scholar, 2019-2022


Dr. Elise Martens
Dr. Elise Martens, Medical Oncology Resident, 2020-2023


Dr. Ashley Parker
Dr. Ashley Parker, Medical Oncology Resident, 2020-2023


Radiation Oncology Residency

The radiation oncology residency is a three-year program combined with a Master’s degree in Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences. Three radiation oncologists and a full-time dedicated medical physicist support the program. Training is completed in collaboration with medical and surgical oncology to provide a comprehensive understanding of treatment of cancer in companion animals.


Dr. Thomas Lee
Dr. Thomas Lee, Radiation Oncology Resident, 2018-2021


Dr. Zulema Villa
Dr. Zulema Villa, Radiation Oncology Resident, 2018-2021


Dr. Theodore Chang
Dr. Theodore Chang, Radiation Oncology Resident, 2019-2022


Dr. Alicja Reczynska
Dr. Alicja Reczynska, Radiation Oncology Resident, 2019-2022


Dr. Erin Trageser
Dr. Erin Trageser, Radiation Oncology Resident, 2019-2022


Oncology Clinical Trials Internship

The oncology clinical trials internship is a one-year program that provides training for a D.V.M. in medical oncology focusing on clinical trials. The intern works with our clinical trials service, which functions as a part of the multidisciplinary team. This program includes training in the conduct of clinical trials while caring for the patients enrolled in trials. The position is designed to prepare trainees for a medical oncology residency. Collectively, donors to the Flint Animal Cancer Center’s One Cure program support the clinical trials intern’s training.


Dr. Jennifer Grover
Dr. Jennifer Grover, One Cure Clinical Trials Intern, 2020-2021


Medical Oncology Specialty Internship

Our medical oncology specialty intern program offers training in medical oncology for veterinarians. This one-year program provides advanced clinical oncology training, emphasizing learning the multimodal treatment approach to cancer in veterinary medicine. Our goal is to prepare trainees for a medical oncology residency.


Dr. Molly Gasparini
Dr. Molly Gasparini, Medical Oncology Intern, 2020-2021


House Officer Research Support Fund

This new fund supports research initiatives of Flint Animal Cancer Center house officers (interns, residents, clinical fellows). In addition to their clinical training, many of our house officers pursue individual research projects. The program offers up to $10,000 to support materials, supplies, lab fees, travel to present research findings at conferences, and manuscript publication costs.

Dr. Greg & Karla Ogilvie and Special Care Foundation for Companion Animals  provided the program’s funding. Dr. Ogilvie is a former faculty member of the Flint Animal Cancer Center.

We offer additional opportunities to invest in specialized training programs, including named endowments, to ensure sustainable funding of our training programs. Learn more about our training programs. To join us in supporting the future of veterinary oncology, please contact Torii Kapavik, development director.