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CSU Animal Cancer Center Clinical Trial

Patient Disease:
Mast cell tumor

Study Name:
Palladia vs. Vinblastine in Canine Mast Cell Tumors

Purpose of the Study:
Mast cell tumor is a common skin tumor of dogs. Current treatment options available for mast cell tumor include various combinations of surgery, chemotherapy drugs such as vinblastine or lomustine, radiation therapy, and the new oral mast cell tumor drug Palladia® (toceranib).

Vinblastine is an intravenous chemotherapy agent that is commonly used in the treatment of mast cell tumors. Palladia is an oral drug that works by inhibiting the function of a protein important for mast cell survival called KIT. Activating mutations in KIT are found in a population of mast cell tumors, and Palladia has been shown to be more effective against tumors with this mutation. Through this clinical trial, we are seeking to investigate the difference in responses of mast cell tumors with and without a mutation in KIT to Palladia and vinblastine.

Patient Entry Criteria:
Dogs with confirmed mast cell tumor, with or without lymph node involvement, are eligible for this study. Dogs must undergo some diagnostic testing prior to starting the study to ensure that they are eligible, including bloodwork (complete blood count and chemistry profile), regional lymph node aspirate, thoracic radiographs, and abdominal ultrasound. They must have good function of liver and kidneys, have acceptable blood cell counts, and are free of severe underlying disease. Prior surgery for mast cell tumor is acceptable, but no previous chemotherapy is permitted.

Owner Responsibilities:
The owner is responsible for the cost of diagnosing and staging the mast cell tumor prior to entering the study (approximately $600.00-800.00). Owners are expected to make and keep all appointments according to the study protocol. In addition, they must be comfortable administering oral medications at home, and must be committed to completing the entire study protocol and follow-up examinations.

Financial Incentives:
Clients participating in this study will be given special financial considerations. The study will pay for the initial biopsy, KIT genotyping (to determine mutation status), chemistry profiles, and costs associated with treatment (Palladia or vinblastine). The owner will be responsible for the costs of the initial examination and tests to insure eligibility to participate, the recheck examinations, complete blood counts, and ancillary medications (Benadryl, omeprazole, prednisone).

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