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About the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center

The Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center (FACC) is the preeminent cancer center for animals offering the latest in diagnostics and treatment for all kinds of cancer in companion animals including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Our mission at the Robert H. and Mary G. Flint Animal Cancer Center is to improve prevention and treatment of cancer in animals and humans. We attain our mission through the thoughtful, innovative, caring, and careful study of the causes and treatment of cancer in animals.

CSU ACCThe 35,000 square foot FACC is physically attached to the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) in Fort Collins, a full service veterinary hospital offering the best care for all species in all areas of general and specialized medicine and surgery. Cancer patients that come to the FACC are evaluated, diagnosed and treated through the clinical oncology service at the VTH. To learn more about the clinical oncology service or to make an appointment please visit patient information.

The FACC offers advanced training to graduate veterinarians in the form of medical and radiation oncology and a surgical oncology fellowship. Review our education programs to learn more.

Our consult service is available for pet owners and veterinarians who are seeking more information cancer in companion animals.

We also have a fully developed basic and clinical research program. Scientists at the FACC conducting basic bench research do experiments with cancer cells in test tubes and petri dishes. Some of our researchers also conduct clinical research, mostly in the form of clinical trials, that allow our patients to potentially benefit from the latest diagnostics and treatments that are yet available on the market.

Dogs and cats that are enrolled in our clinical trials program, with owner consent, receive treatment on an outpatient basis while they continue to live at home, very similar to human clinical trials. Our nurses and veterinarians are “patient advocates” and make certain they receive all the tests and treatments outlined in their specific protocol and make certain the patients are doing well during treatment. The main goal for every patient is good quality of life. Learn more about our available clinical trials programs.